Hi, I’m Jo.  I’m a psychological scientist, the co-founder of Cauldron Science Ltd and co-creator of the Gorilla Experiment Builder.

While at UCL, I realised that one of the reasons that the behavioural sciences are failing to have the impact they should, is that it was very hard to do research ‘in the real world’.  A great many of the problems we face as a society have behavioural solutions:  from climate change to obesity,  from discrimination to tax avoidance.  But it can be hard and slow to do research in the lab and therefore to iterate and test solutions to these problems to find what works.

My vision, was to give researchers the tools they need to liberate their lab and take their research online.  By taking research online we could accelerate the pace and robustness of research.  In the same way that the printing press empowered writers of all persuasions to find audiences.  I hope that our tools will gives a wide range of researchers the tools they need to create the behavioural interventions to have impact in a wide range of spheres.

Together with my team, we’ve created the Gorilla Experiment Builder a cloud software tool that makes is easy and fast to create and host online behavioural experiments.

Now researchers and students across the globe are using Gorilla to liberate their lab and take their research to the next level.  With Gorilla, we hope to empower this generation of behavioural scientists with the digital experimentation tools and skills to allow them to create the evidence based policies, products and services of the future.

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